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Gas root flowmeter

Product description

Product technology picture

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Product introduction


The pressure regulator is for the spring-loaded direct function type regulator, wide applicable flow scope, its main features are easy to be instaledl and maintained. It is mainly applicable to medium pressure and high pressure system, also can be used in small towns or refueling starion of small cities.


Technical Parameters

Connection way: flange connectionPN100;screw connectionG1、G1½、G2 ;

Pressure way: built-in type

Allowable maximum inlet pressure:6.4MPa

Output pressure set range:0.03~3.4MPa                   

Pressure stabilization accuracy grade: up to AC2.5

Close pressure grade: up to SG5                                   

Close pressure zone grade: up to SZ5

Temperature adaptation range:-20℃~60℃                             

Response time:ta≤1s

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